New Year Resolutions? Nah, I’m good…

As we come upon a new year, we’ll all begin to hear about the resolutions that many will make for 2019. These may be personal or professional, but one thing is in common with most resolutions….they will not be met! It has been said that about 80% of those that make resolutions will fail in 30 days or less and only 8% will actually follow through on their resolution. Not the most encouraging statistics.

Personally, I’ve never been one to make declarations of any resolutions. First, I’ve never understood the significance of a particular date to begin a goal. I suppose that for some, having a target date on the calendar may help one to be more accountable to their goal, but it’s something that has never been of significance for me. Second, while I do often make personal and professional goals for myself, once that decision is made I’m not patient enough to wait for the calendar to catch up to me and will just move forward, regardless of the date. Finally, my nature in my approach to life in general is to have the flexibility to change and adapt as needed, and a rigid resolution hasn’t always worked for me. Rather, I choose to often take a step back to reflect, recharge, and re-engage. While I usually do this at times throughout the year, I guess I will sync up with the 2018 calendar and take a brief look to reflect on those “non-declared resolutions” that helped shape me this year:

Career – 2018 was a year of transition for me in my human resources career. After nearly six years in the same HR role, I decided to make a change and left my role for a new opportunity in April. While it was in a different area for the same employer, it was a very big change for me moving from a management-level generalist/business partner role to one as a specialist in compensation and titling. After a short period of time, I recognized that I missed the variety of a generalist role and weighed my options on how best to proceed. I was fortunate that my former supervisor approached me with an opportunity to work for her as a senior generalist and accepted my current role in October. Upon reflection, it was a year of career change but also a year that reminded me about what is important and how doing what you enjoy is half the battle.

Professional Development – I’ve always embraced professional development at all levels in all forms. 2018 proved to provide me with a number of opportunities to engage in conferences, networking and a variety of enriching experience which included:

  • Increased online engagement on social media and Twitter chats such as: #NextChat #HRSocialHour and others.
  • Opportunities to attend a number of events highlighted by the WI SHRM Day on the Hill, Greater Madison Area SHRM Human Capital Conference, WI SHRM Leadership Conference and State Conference, and finally attending my first SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago.
  • I was able to earn enough PDCs in my first year of recertification for my PHR and hope to do the same for my SHRM-CP in 2019.
  • Investigated several university certificate programs to learn gain additional knowledge on some specific disciplines. I’m learning toward starting a graduate certificate in public management.
  • Continued to identify ways to continue to expand my networks to continue to connect and learn from others.

In 2019, I hope to expand upon my professional development opportunities of 2018 and continue to grow both personally and professionally. I’m hoping to see many of you along the way at some of the 2019 SHRM events!

Personal – For the most part, 2018 was an extremely positive year for me personally. On the plus side, I am thankful for good health, stability at home and the opportunity to travel. While the multiple job changes added some stress to the year, I look back and understand that they were still both positive and necessary steps in my life. I am also thankful for the many new friends that were made in 2018. Some were through social media and professional development events, while others were those that I met during a busy political campaign season. It is always satisfying to meet others that you can share your interests with and lean on for support.  It is during trying times that you realize who you can count on, and I feel that my support network grew tremendously in 2018.  On the negative side, having to unexpectedly say goodbye to one of our two rescue dogs this summer was difficult. It provided a simple reminder that all of us come and go into each other’s lives and that we need to make the best of the time you we here in each other’s lives.  A few months later, we welcomed a new rescue dog who isn’t a replacement, but rather another valued family member added to our home to share our lives with.

2019 – As the new year has fast approached, I am holding to my practice of not making any specific resolutions but rather to look to build upon the positive aspects of the previous year with the hope to meet any challenges along the way in a prayerful and positive way. For those making resolutions for 2019, I wish you the best and hope that I can provide you with any support you may need to reach your goals. I look forward to another year of learning, connecting, serving, and living life to its’ fullest.  Bring it on, 2019!


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