Get Out!

Get Out!

I can’t tell you how many times I find myself saying those two words at work. No, not to others but to myself as a reminder.  Here are a few examples and hopefully some suggestions that you can consider:

Get Out! – Step away from your desk

Most of us spend hours each day in the friendly confines of our work desk. Whether it’s in an office, a cubicle, pod, home office, what have you; if you are like me you need to step away for a little exercise to clear your mind.  It’s way too easy to get tied to your phone and computer and then realize it’s time to leave for the day, but when you have a few minutes, just get up and take a walk. (Don’t worry, the work will still be there when you return!) I try to find at least 20-30 minutes every day, no matter how busy I may be, just to leave the building and take a short walk. I find that it clears my mind and I usually come back energized with a more positive attitude.

Get Out! – Find professional development opportunities

I just recently returned from my first SHRM Annual Conference, which was held in Chicago. It was a transformational experience for me, and one that I left feeling I was ready to take on the HR world. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, I’ve always placed a high value on professional development, regardless of the industry or position that I was employed in at the time. There were many occasions early in my career when I either took time off from work or even while “between jobs”, paid out of pocket to attend events that I felt would help me improve as an individual and advance in my career.  I felt that it was a worthwhile investment in my future to get out. Where am I going to get out next? A quick look at my calendar and I find I’m going to get out quite a bit with SHRM for the rest of this year:

  • SHRM A-Team/Government Affairs Webinar (SHRM national)
  • Networking Event (SHRM local chapter)
  • Professional Development Summit (SHRM local chapter)
  • Leadership Conference (SHRM state council)
  • Professional Development Summit (SHRM local chapter)
  • State Conference (SHRM state council)
  • SHRM A-Team/Government Affairs Webinar (SHRM national)
  • Networking Event (SHRM local chapter)
  • Professional Development Summit (SHRM local chapter)

Get Out! – Network and connect with others

While I’ve always tried to maintain a good network of professional contacts, this has been taken to a whole new level for me this year. After attending the SHRM Volunteer Leadership Summit last November, I started using social media, primarily Twitter, to reach out to human resources professionals from around the world.  Following hashtags such as: #HRTribe, #HRonPurpose and #HRPositive as well as participating in Twitter chats following #NextChat and #HRSocialHour, I was welcomed into a network of committed, helpful, engaged, and fun HR folks.  These connections proved valuable when attending the SHRM Annual Conference. Had I not taken the opportunity to “get out,” network and connect with these folks, I’m confident that the conference experience would not have been as worthwhile as it was. I’ve also expanded my use of LinkedIn and Facebook to continue to get out and network.

Get Out! – Get out of your comfort zone

My last suggestion is probably the hardest for me to actually put into practice. I have always been the safe one, the over-planner, and dare I say, the boring one throughout my life. It takes a lot for me to get out of my comfort zone, but it’s something that I’ve worked to change, especially as I get older.

First of all, this blog that you are reading is an example of me getting out of my comfort zone. I’m not afraid to offer my opinions (usually only when asked), but to put them down in writing, is something that I am learning to get comfortable with. To think that anyone would actually be interested in reading what I have to say, is definitely leaving my comfort zone.

There are other things that I hope to do to expand my horizons that I hope to get out and do:

  • Be more of an extrovert and better embrace in-person networking.
  • Pursue higher level volunteer leadership opportunities.
  • Study and pass my SHRM-SCP exam.
  • Consider being a presenter at a local/regional conference.
  • Travel to places I’ve never been.

I hope that my suggestions helped you to consider ways that you can get out for the right reasons. Now that you’ve reached the end of this post….GET OUT!

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