Sushi or HR Anyone?

If you build it, they will come – Ray Kinsella (Field of Dreams – 1989)


So, what is “HR Sushi Bar” and why would anyone want to come here?  Good question, if I do say so myself.  I’ve been told that I always seem to have an opinion and “something to say.” A blog is something that I haven’t given much thought about, but I was inspired to give it a go after seeing some of the great work of the SHRM Blog Squad during the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference.

If you are not familiar, SHRM stands for the Society for Human Resource Management, the world’s largest professional association for the human resources profession with nearly 300K members worldwide.  From June 17-20, 2018 SHRM hosted over 17K attendees at their annual conference, held this year in Chicago, which I was able to attend.

The SHRM Blog Squad was selected to provide their insights before, during and after the conference.  They represented a cross-section of SHRM in terms of experience, expertise, and location to give different perspectives through their regular blog posts.  Personally, I found their information extremely helpful as I prepared to attend my first SHRM Annual Conference, reading many of their blog posts leading up to the conference.

At the conference, I had to opportunity to meet IRL (in real life) with many of the bloggers.  They were an energetic, fun and active group that shared their experiences not only with those of us attending, but with the many human resources professionals around the world that were unable to attend.

While I actively shared my conference thoughts and experiences through Twitter throughout the event, I was limited by the 280 character limit on Twitter and decided after the conference that I would like to give blogging a try.  Thus, the HR Sushi Bar was created just after returning from the conference.

Why do I call it HR Sushi Bar? It was an idea that came to mind during my 2.5 hour bus ride back from Chicago back to my home in South Central Wisconsin.  I was trying to think of a title that was a bit “off the wall” (like me) that also had meaning to me.  If you’ve ever visited a sushi bar, you know that it has a variety of delicacies (tuna, salmon, eel, crab, octopus, etc.) much like human resources has a variety of disciplines (recruiting, employee engagement, compensation, training, etc.).  Sushi is also typically ordered ala carte, allowing you to sample many flavors in small portions.  That gave me the inspiration to name the blog HR Sushi Bar to allow visitors to sample small portions of a variety of HR topics.  Another bonus was, as a human resources professional of Asian-American decent, the title allows me to give a shout-out to my background on my mother’s side.

This blog will certainly be a work in progress so I appreciate your patience during the evolution of this blog.  I’ll be looking to reach out to many of my new blogger friends that I met at the SHRM Annual Conference to help show me the ropes, and provide their honest feedback to me.  I don’t have any specific topics that I plan to address, but will look to provide timely information on issues that I may be working on in the workplace or within my SHRM activities as well as any off-the-wall stories, of which there are many in our field.

This is probably the longest entry you will see on HR Sushi Bar, since I usually like to be succinct and to the point, so thank you for reading to the end of this first entry, and I look forward to serving you again at my HR Sushi Bar.





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